Video Poker vs. Traditional Poker

Video Poker Explained

Video poker is one of the most popular ways to bet in land based and online casinos. Video poker is based on 5 card poker, rather than table based 3 card poker, and offers players more chances to net consecutive wins. Although video poker has several advantages over traditional poker games, there’s also plenty of limitations, meaning you’ll have to rethink your playing tactics and, know when you’re resigned to a game of chance.

When playing video poker, you don’t have to worry about perfecting your poker face. You won’t be able to bluff our way to victory with this format. Additionally, with video poker, you’ve the added benefit of being able to see the value of your winning hand from the off. Unlike conventional poker games, you won’t need to carry on playing and spend money to discern the value of your winning hand, offering a huge advantage if you’ve a finite budget to play with.

Poker Variations

If you’re relatively new to poker playing, video poker is often an easier way to gamble with money. You’ll be forced to make less impromptu decisions, without having to depend on the input of others. Additionally, if you can’t find enough participants for a game of conventional poker, online video poker lets you play regardless. If you want bigger returns, double bonus video poker offers bigger payouts.

A variation on Jacks or Better video poker, double bonus video poker offers increased wins for four of a kind hands, including aces. This version of the game also offers increased variance, which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your luck. You can find many double bonus video poker games online, letting you take advantage of the increased rates of return any time of day.

Although many prefer the thrill of being pitted against fellow poker players, the advent of the internet has meant there’s dynamic new rules to increase variance and provide more unpredictable outcomes. Now players can enjoy video poker games that payout huge sums of money with minimal layout. No matter which type of poker game you’re looking to play, it’s worth remembering that each has their own distinct strategies and tactics for success.