Blackjack Variations

Blackjack Rules

choose the correct card and see if you'll get blackjack at 400% up to $4000 at Lucky Red Casino - Play NOWFor many fans of casino table games, blackjack is the go-to. The objective of blackjack is simple – players must achieve a hand of cards that is greater than the one held by the dealer, but totals less than twenty one. Multiple players can participate in the same game of blackjack, but unlike other table games like poker, they’re not playing against each other, only the dealer themselves. The dealer awards two cards to each player, including themselves.

The first card of any draw is presented for view to the table, while the second dealer card is kept face down. Players must then try to build a two card hand that is as close to twenty one as possible. Players can also try and land a blackjack, a perfect twenty one. If players are lucky enough to land a blackjack, they’ll receive 150% their initial bet. Although relatively simple to play, there are several variations on the game to make play more interesting.

Game Variations

Microgaming, IGT and NetEnt gaming software offering some of the best gamesOne of these variations is double exposure blackjack. Here, players are allowed to see both of the cards of the dealer, giving players more information to help them form their own hand. However, with this benefit comes extra disadvantages. In most games of double exposure, one of the major changes is an increased amount of cards used. Unlike other forms of blackjack, in double exposure blackjack, players can expect deck sizes of up to eight. has already introduced double exposure blackjack into their online casino.

Additionally, odds are shortened in double exposure, meaning returns are often even instead of the usual 150% return. You’ll also find less freedom in adjusting your hand, meaning you won’t be able to split your cards or swap out for a replacement as readilyCheck out Win Sum Dim Sum 60 up to 1000 free spins on 1st deposit as in the original form of the game. Many online casinos offer variations on double exposure blackjack, with popular gaming developers including Microgaming, IGT and NetEnt offering some of the best.

If you want more chances to win on a single game of blackjack, you can also seek out multi-hand blackjack. Here, players get the chance to play with more than a single hand per game, dramatically increasing their chances of landing a blackjack. Although more hands equates to more chances to win, the odds are shortened for less lucrative returns.